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Homework Policy



Children will be assigned homework on a regular basis.  They will receive their homework on Friday and it will be due the following Friday.  Parents are encouraged to work with their child at home to reinforce skills that are taught at school.




Coming Attractions


We are planning a trip this fall to Wiards  Orchards in Ypsilanti, MI.  Children will pick apples, go on a hayride and have cider and donuts.  Parents will be encouraged to attend as chaperones. 









Discipline Policy:  The Mini Miracles Academy uses positive methods of discipline to correct a child’s inappropriate behavior.  These methods will encourage a child to maintain self-control, self-direction, self-esteem and cooperation with their peers and adults. 

At no time will there be any form of corporal or emotional punishment.


When it becomes necessary to discipline a child the following measures will be taken.  Time-out will be the final step in the discipline process.

Give the child a gentle reminder of the rules.

Redirect the child to another activity.

If the child is upset, give him/her reassuring words to calm them.

Discuss the problem with the child.

Suggest different ways the child can cope with the situation.

Listen to the child’s point of view and try to help them come up with a solution to the problem.

Help the children work out their difficulties.

If these activities do not solve the problem, then the following steps will take place:

Separate the child from the activity being disrupted.

Isolate the child from the entire group (sitting on a chair, apart from the others.)

Hold a conference with parents to see if the problem can be solved before it become necessary for the child to withdraw from the program.